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Are you a Founder looking for mentoring or guidance in building your company?  Is your early stage venture struggling to make money or are you struggling to raise money to fund your ideas?

Do you need help growing your business or want some experienced professional coaching?

Or are you new to website building, software, and Internet marketing and want to find yourself a profitable, ethical niche business to start?

WELCOME!  Scott Fox's Master Minds Forum is designed to help Startup Founders like YOU.

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We’re a friendly worldwide Master Minds group of real entrepreneurs like you working together online to start and build profitable new businesses.

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I'm thrilled that you're here.

I've got a winning idea for you:  Let's work together online to accelerate your startup.

To learn how to start up your own company, build your own Internet, software, or app-based business, how to make money from the latest online marketing and e-commerce strategies, and to make new friends who can help you grow your business, I invite you to join my private Master Minds startup founder strategy coaching accelerator community now FREE FOR 30 DAYS - starting today!

As a new company Founder, you will get personal coaching directly from me, Scott Fox, a successful serial Internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and the best-selling author of books like Internet Richese-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies, and Click Millionaires.

This "virtual startup accelerator" forum is a friendly social network of startup founders, solopreneurs, online marketers, e-commerce, mobile app, software, and media startup execs, and work-at-home lifestyle entrepreneurs, and serial entrepreneurs, too.  Together we'll help teach you how to achieve a "Click Millionaire" lifestyle of personal success.  

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Let's work together to accelerate YOUR Startup!

If you’ve read my best-selling books, listened to my podcasts, or attended my workshops, joining MasterMinds is the next step for you.  Like my books that have helped people worldwide learn to make more money online, I work with Forum members to teach you in “plain English” how to succeed as a Startup Founder. 

Whether you want to raise venture capital as new startup founder headed toward IPO, become an Internet lifestyle entrepreneur by starting a new niche business online, or learn how to cost-effectively market a business you already have better on the Internet and in social media, my MasterMinds Startup Accelerator Strategy Forum can help you.

Members include startup founders, part-time entrepreneurs, lifestyle business owners, small business people, corporate marketing professionals, retirees, work-at-home moms, startup execs, angel investors, and guest experts, too - anyone interested in using the Internet to build out their vision, make more money online, and make their own dent in the universe.

The point of this really long page?

I am personally committed to helping you succeed online.

Joining my MasterMinds entrepreneur strategy coaching forum will give you preferred private access to my expertise, plus a friendly support group of fellow Click Millionaires dedicated to helping you to find success as a Startup Founder, too.

And, since it's free to you for a WHOLE MONTH, why not try it?

Let's get started!

Scott Fox

Founder of the MasterMinds Startup Founder Coaching Forum
Author of Internet Riches and
e-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies and
Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Lifestyle Business You Love

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Do you already have a startup running?  Or just an idea for your startup?

We can help you either way - You don't even need a web site to benefit from the MasterMinds Forum because I will personally help you:

  • Improve your startup's strategy, product, and customer conversions

  • Build out a strategic road map of priorities and projects that will help you manage your business and impress investors
  • Help you develop a winning business model (and business plan) to become the entrepreneur you want to be
  • Advise you on how to raise startup funding from angel investors and venture capital firms (even for first-time entrepreneurs)
  • Identify niche business ideas online that leverage skills and interests you already have
  • Determine your TAM (Total Addressable Market) so you can cost-effectively develop and test your MVP (minimum viable product) to find PMF (product market fit)
  • Build web sites the fast and easy (and cheap) way even if you have no technical training
  • Make smart decisions about finding co-founders, branding, domain names, hiring, outsourcing, hosting, incorporation, office space, seed financing, and more
  • Develop winning strategies for SEO, PPC, SAAS, AWS, SEM, PHP, NDAs, UI/UX (or teach you what they mean and how you can leverage them to launch and grow your business)
  • Review and improve your fundraising pitch deck to help you attract angel investors and venture capital
  • Save lots of your time by sharing my experience so you can work smarter and more efficiently
  • Learn about incubators, accelerators, and startup pitch competitions that might be helpful to your vision
  • Redesign your life by turning your ideas and hobbies into profitable online lifestyle businesses
  • Learn the cheap and free Internet marketing strategies I've used myself to make millions of $$$ in sales online in a variety of industries
  • Put YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Instagram, LinkedIn, Apps, Podcasting, and social media to work growing your business
  • Create and grow a legitimate and ethical online business customized to your own interests and skills
  • Attract more and better-qualified, paying customers to increase your online sales
  • Find the purpose in your life and help you build on it to make money for yourself and help others, too.

I know that sounds like a lot, but see the many testimonials below.  We've been doing this since 2009!

If you want to learn how to leverage the Internet to build a successful growth company or just recurring, passive income for yourself...

And, if you are tired of wasting your time and money on "get-rich-quick" products...

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If we work together in the MasterMinds Forum, you'll get the benefit of my decades of fund-raising, product development, digital marketing, management, design, legal, staffing, sales conversions, and bootstrap growth strategies to boost your startup's success. 

A monthly membership in my MasterMinds Startup Founders Accelerator group can help coach you to:

  • Build a better startup - faster:  Whether this is your first-ever startup idea or you are a serial entrepreneur like me, having fellow entrepreneurs share their success and advice can help you move farther, faster. 
  • Exclusive Members-only Direct Access to me, Scott Fox:  I share personalized advice to help your online business grow.  I am on the web site and in the Forums coaching Members like you constantly!  Really.  
  • Learn the latest online money-making strategies:  You won't have to read the entire Internet any more to keep up!  Cutting-edge online marketing expertise, training and advice is delivered however you like it:  New articles, blog posts, tutorials, podcasts and “how to” videos are posted regularly for your 24/7 access.
  • How to Raise Seed Financing and find Angel Investors:  As a Founder, one of your top priorities is raising money for your startup.  Once you're a MasterMinds member, you'll get a direct access to the latest fundraising strategies, presentation deck templates, documents, business plans, and more to help you raise seed capital.
  • Get Your Web Business-Building Questions Answered (finally!)You won't have to go it alone any more!  I'll personally help mentor you and provide honest, clear answers to your web site building and online marketing questions.
  • Make new Friends:  Get access to my small, private, worldwide, members-only community of friendly online marketers, entrepreneurs, web site owners, and Guest Experts, too.  Meet, learn, share your questions and experience, get smart advice online 24/7!  Maybe you'll even meet a Co-Founder!
  • Attract More Customers:  Proven online startup and marketing strategy updates from my best-selling books, Internet Richese-Riches 2.0: Next Generation Online Marketing Strategies, and of course, Click Millionaires! 
  • Improve Web Site Sales Conversions: Submit the web sites you build for free "Community Tune-Up Clinics" review by the community.  You'll get thousands of dollars of good advice to increase your sales.  (And save $$$ vs. expensive focus groups or SEO consultants!) 
  • MasterMinds Free Tools 24/7 Resource Library:  Access to my personal Members-only archive of the best business-building tools and online marketing resources.  You can access them online anytime you like.  These are the cost-effective tools that I use to build my own successful businesses online - Not overpriced "guru" BS! 
  • Fun contests, drawings, giveaways, and money-saving discounts and deals – only for MasterMinds Forum members! 


My Story (and why I started the MasterMinds Forum)

I really want to help you.  Here's why:

I grew up with "modest means" in dangerous, poor neighborhoods.  I only was able to go to college because of the help of other people.  My timing was good, though, because I arrived at Stanford University just as the Internet was taking off.

I got in on the ground floor of the Internet boom and started my first Internet company.  I've been involved in dozens of startups, sold BILLIONS online, and been making $$$ as an entrepreneur ever since...

Years ago I had done well enough to retire, but I decided instead to "reinvest" my success to help others like you, just as others helped me early in my career.  That's why I write my books and started the MasterMinds Online Startup Accelerator.  

I firmly believe that everyone, including YOU, has something special (and potentially profitable) to offer. I'm dedicated to helping everyone discover their true purpose and get online to share it with others.  The Internet is not new anymore but I continue to believe it offers HUGE opportunities for you.  And I'd like to help you succeed online like I have.

Why this is not a “get rich quick” scheme...

The MasterMinds Startup Founders Forum is a small, private, online coaching community I designed to accelerate your success online.  You don't have to be a tech genius.  In fact, you don't even have to have a website yet.

I keep our monthly membership fees low so almost anyone who wants help starting a company can afford to join us.  And, I donate any profits to charity that help fund college scholarships for disadvantaged kids like I used to be.

Our group has been going strong since 2009.  That's longer than many of today's young so-called "gurus" have even been online!

MasterMinds members are smart enough to recognize the huge money-making opportunities the Internet offers today but they are also smart enough to recognize that a helpful community and mentor can help them build their own success stories (thanks to affordable expert training, and help directly from me).

AND, at the ridiculously low price of only $39/month, you will not find a better deal on personalized online business coaching anywhere.  I guarantee it.  

That's less than you might spend on just one business lunch each month! 

So, if you're ready to accelerate your personal and professional success, build your company, make some more money, meet some great people, and upgrade your business to the next level, try the MasterMinds Forum right now for FREE!

I look forward to meeting you personally in the MasterMinds private Forum soon

Plus, I guarantee that joining our community will be a great move for you or your money back!

Let’s get started building YOUR business!





"The MasterMinds Forum is great. Just one tip from Scott saved my online business from certain failure. Excellent value too."
- MasterMinds Member Tony L., Surrey, UK




"I have only been a member for about a week and have already been helped so much - and I can tell you this - Scott truly puts his money where his mouth is with personal attention and guidance here." 
- MasterMinds Member Cora K., Buffalo, New York



"I have made more progress than I could have imagined in the last several months as a MasterMinds forum member and each success emboldens me to take the next. The information I am learning here is helping tremendously." 
- MasterMinds Member Lucie L., Springfield, Massachusetts



"What a great idea to start this community to have the ability to connect with like minded people, learn from and to educate each other and to join the Click Millionaires lifestyle movement." 
- MasterMinds Member Walter M., Netherlands



"As a company president, I've found that MasterMinds is one of the most valuable forums regarding online marketing. For just over $1 a day, you have access to valuable experts and information that keeps you current, plus you get to network with smart and friendly business owners. Thanks again Scott for being here!"
- MasterMinds Member Melinda K., League City, Texas



"Scott, I am glad to be apart of the Click Millionaire MasterMinds community! Not only am I beginning to learn alot from the rich resources you have available, but I am very appreciative of the members who have come forward and welcomed me into this dynamic community. Thank you!" 
- MasterMinds Member, Orlando D., Washington, D.C. 


"Joining MasterMinds is truly one of the best things I've done for my business in years. Its strength is in the personal connections you feel not only to Scott, who is extremely active here and with his videos, but also with the members.

To stay up-to-date on the latest technology and business practices today is overwhelming even for those that have been in business for years. However, I can come here and get solid advice and ways to improve my business regularly.

The how to advice is priceless. I encourage you to join and see how you too can improve your business and meet friends who just want to see you succeed, too.  Thanks!" 
- MasterMinds Member Diana E., Margate, Florida


"I can honestly say my likelihood of success online has probably tripled since I joined MasterMinds. I know my subscribers have! Thanks."  
- MasterMinds Member Dina E., Roslindale, Massachusetts



"I believe that I got lucky in joining up with you. My impression is that you're determined to make others successful and in turn you are successful.  At MasterMinds I've become a part of a new concept that when used to its fullest will make my site successful." 
- MasterMinds Member Mark D., Atlanta, Georgia


"It is like a family here. Lots of support and fantastic advice. The quality of information is breathtaking not just from Scott but also from the other Click Millionaires who are so giving. I have not experienced this in any other forum."

- MasterMinds Member Eva D., Hertfordshire, UK



"I endorse Scott's Forum! I just spent an hour listening to some folks pitch their services for $300. I personally have received most if not all of their suggestions already from my Click Millionaires membership!" 
- MasterMinds Member Charles M., Murrieta, California


"Hi Scott - I want to thank you for being so approachable and sincerely interested in what others are up to.

So far MasterMinds is exactly what you said it was - people helping people. I like to help others so I'll fit right in. Thanks Again!" 
- MasterMinds Member Tom S., Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"I am amazed how cheap your monthly subscription is compared to others. To be honest, I think you deserve more. I will spread good words around about you. My free trial should have expired by now, therefore feel free to charge my card. Thank you very much!"

- MasterMinds Member Liz S., Monterey Park, California


"At MasterMinds, Scott makes me feel like I have a mentor, someone to follow over the highest peak in search of truth while I meet his supportive and informed friends in the process. Another example of "shedding boundaries & going after the gusto!", but this time with experienced and helpful friends along." 
- MasterMinds Member Jacquie Z., Guamajuato, Mexico



"It's a blessing to be a part of this great community! Where can I go and get this kind of feedback and support? I can't think of anywhere but here at Click Millionaires MasterMinds. Thanks for all that you do." 
- MasterMinds Member Chuck R., Carpentersville, Illinois




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